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Meanwhile, In America…

Though nothing is certain in this world – least of all where politics is concerned – things are nonetheless looking positive for President Obama, in his bid to become a two term president. It was a close election at outset. … Continue reading

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Misc – Where’s Indiana Jones When You Need Him?

Nazi Buddha from Space… now if that isn’t a link worth clicking on, what is? Cheers

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Friday’s Article

As the weekend is a busy time for me, I shall leave you with the article most worth a read this Friday. This week, New Statesman – Who owns Britain, and what they get for it. Cheers

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Debate Points – The Current Economic Crisis + The Deficit

A common feature I’ll be doing will be to provide debate points on issues that come up again and again in political discourse. Rather than have to make the same arguments over and over, I prefer to write them down … Continue reading

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The TV – Drugs Live

Channel 4’s ‘Drugs Live’ aired last night, bringing the results of a study into ecstasy to a studio audience where Jon Snow presided over what turned out to be a surprisingly dull affair. I guess nothing could live up to … Continue reading

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Media Check – Make The Rich Pay

So, a regular feature here will be to pick out a story in the media and give it our own little rebuttal. To kick off, I figure we may as well swing by the Telegraph to address an important issue … Continue reading

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Let’s Crack On – Links of Interest

Ok, lets crack on with this thing. Some links of interest below; I was told there’d be gin’s twitter account: @Iwastoldofgin (Apparently Iwastold’there’d’begin is too long for twitter… darn twitter.) e-mail me at: And some good blogs and other … Continue reading

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