Politics – Cameron’s Speech; Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Still reeling from Cameron’s speech. Not sure I’ve ever seen a PM get up in front of so many people and state so much nonsense before. And that’s saying something…

Other sites have already beaten me to lists fact checking what he said, but let’s do a collection of the best for posterity’s sake:

Lies: “I’ll tell you what is down. Waiting lists – down. Mixed wards – down. The number of managers – down. Bureaucratic targets – down. Hospital infections – down. And what’s up? The number of doctors, the number of dentists, the number of midwives, the number of operations carried out in our NHS.”

Waiting lists are actually up. And whilst he can talk about cutting managers and bureaucracy, there’s also the front line hit of thousands of nurses who’ve been sacked since the Tories took office. No so happy to list that in hist speech eh?

Damn Lies: “Our deficit reduction plan is not an alternative to a growth plan: it’s the very foundation of our growth plan.”

And people say politicians can’t do comedy

And statistics: “We made a big decision to protect the NHS from spending cuts.”

They squeezed the NHS budget in the 2010 spending review. Under Labour spending on the NHS had been getting budget increases in the region of 7% year on year. The Tories cut this to the bare minimum of a real terms increase of 0.1%. Due to inflation, this has led to a real times fall in spending.


If you think attacking the Tories for being caught out by inflation is going against the spirit of what they said, ask yourself whether telling the country you were ‘protecting the NHS from spending cuts’ and then effectively cutting their budget by 7% is said in any better spirit.

They’ve failed on the deficit, failed on the economy, and failed on the NHS – not to mention the other public services, poverty levels and the rest. This is a failed Prime Minister, rallying his troops with talks of hammering the worst off in society and taking from those with nothing left to give. This is not the party we are looking for.



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