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Politics – The ‘Rise’ of UKIP?

A lot is being said lately about the rising prominence of UKIP in British Politics, following their performance in the latest round of by-elections, and the Rotherham council decision to remove children from UKIP members. Even the Guardian had a … Continue reading

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Policy – The Work Programme Isn’t Supposed To Work

With the whole work programme argument going on, I just thought it’d be worth pointing out the obvious: The Work Programme was never supposed to work. It was supposed to be a PR exercise and a method of moving public … Continue reading

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Debate Points – Welfare

Preamble: The Government & the media have promulgated more than their fair share of myths over the years regarding welfare and benefits. The media, because they’re uncaring right-wing bastards who need sensationalist, gossip worthy news to keep them in print … Continue reading

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Friday’s Post

Paul Krugman with a good post about why we really shouldn’t care what the market ‘experts’ have to say. – As I’ve said before, the way to return confidence to the markets isn’t through austerity + budget cuts, it’s through … Continue reading

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Politics – Welfare & Division Tactics

The political tricks of the trade that the right have used to push through their agenda of austerity are many and varied, but I think we can safely say division and demonisation are their most virulent, disgusting and (sadly) successful … Continue reading

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Friday’s Post

The Guardian and the New Statesmen both with articles on the government’s attempts to move the goalposts on child poverty, rather than actually bothering to do anything about it. I don’t know if there’s a definitive measure by which a … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Cool – Bank of England Growth Predictions

Good graph courtesy of Left Foot Forward: Aside from showing just how useless the Bank of England are with these kind of projections, it’s worth pointing out that the Tories took power in 2010… just where growth begins to stall… … Continue reading

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