Meanwhile In America – My Election Prediction

Election day in the US tomorrow, so I may as well make a prediction for how the electoral college will play out.

I’m basing my predictions largely on state-by-state polling I’ve seen on sites which I’ll link below.

New Hampshire and Virginia are going to be tight, as will Florida, but I think (hope) they’ll go the way I’ve predicted. Colorado, despite the certainty of some of the state polling, just looks too close for me to put in Obama’s column for sure, so it’s my only tossup.

Whatever the result is, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the Republican party’s far right to start crying conspiracy given the certainty with which some are predicting not just a Romney win, but a Romney landslide…

Seriously, a significant portion of the American public have lost the plot and are verging on a dangerous disconnect between reality and fiction. I don’t just mean in relation to this election, but it’s apparent in issue after issue – global warming, evolution, Obama’s birth certificate etc. Lone wolf terrorism has been attributed to groups with such disconnects and such radical views, I can only prey an Obama victory doesn’t act as a tipping point in the levels of cognitive dissonance some of these people must surely feel.

Assuming he wins… If he doesn’t, then it’s clearly a conspiracy owing to the fact Romney’s friends and family own the companies that make the polling machines… Three predictions for the price of one.

Anyway, here’s hoping for an Obama victory on Tuesday, good luck America.


Useful Links:

Nate Silver – FiveThirtyEight

Princeton Election Consortium


Huffington Post

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