Meanwhile In America – 4 More Years

So firstly; congratulations Barack Obama and the Democratic Party and a big thank you from this side of the Atlantic to all the people who made the President’s victory possible last night.

Secondly, I’m wishing I’d not got cold feet when making my prediction and stuck to what Nate Silver was saying in the NYT. Still, all but one state right. Probably. Florida may yet fall to Romney, in which case only my hedging of bets in calling Colorado a tossup kept me from getting the results 100%. Not that I’m trying to egg myself up, simply that when you compare what a lot of so-called experts at the BBC and from the right were saying and what actually transpired, you wonder what reality some people function on.

I have to give credit to CNN for their coverage of the night, and, strangely, Fox News as well for calling Ohio before I gave up and went to bed. Also for throwing Karl Rove under a bus, lol.

I was disappointed with BBC news’ coverage, although in fairness they were only able to relay what other networks in the US were saying. Radio 4s coverage meanwhile was pretty darn good, and what I ended up listening to whilst watching CNN.

Of course now begins the real task of seeing whether the Republican house can be bargained with or whether we’ve just got four more years of obstruction and political deadlock from the greatest democracy on earth.


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