Politics – Elected Police Commissioners

We didn’t want them, but we’re going to have them anyway, so let’s make the most of a bad situation.

The turnout is likely to be dire, but I would urge anyone who can vote to do so, if only to keep people like the English Democrats, EDL and UKIP out. Democracy is often just a matter of ensuring the lesser of two evils is chosen, but the lesser of two evils can still be a great improvement on what could be.

A good guide to the elections from the New Statesman.

Find out who’s standing in your area on wikipedia.

And again; vote. Labour’s platform is one of anti-cuts, anti-privatisation in the police force. The Lib Dems (if you can bring yourself to vote for them after their grand style sell out) are probably standing on a platform which isn’t terrible and the Greens have a candidate in Cleveland.



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