Policy – The Work Programme Isn’t Supposed To Work

With the whole work programme argument going on, I just thought it’d be worth pointing out the obvious:

The Work Programme was never supposed to work. It was supposed to be a PR exercise and a method of moving public funds into private hands. The DWP is all about that at the moment, with the Universal Jobmatch in association with Monster.co.uk replacing the old fashioned jobcentre plus job search facility as the jobseeker’s first port of call when job hunting.

Reducing long term unemployment requires exactly the same as what is required to lower short term unemployment: Jobs.

The Work Programme does not provide Jobs. Therefore, we can reach a rather simple conclusion: The Work Programme does not work in any tangible way.

The government know it, we know it, the private companies taking on those who’ve been unemployed for 9 months or so know it. Those companies also know that by leaving Jobseeker’s to their own devices they can pocket thousands without lifting a finger, and by securing deals to shove the unemployed into poorly suited jobs, they can successfully make plenty of money at the taxpayer’s expense.

Unemployment is a serious issue, blighting the lives of millions. It brings with it poverty, lack of confidence, and numerous other social and personal ills to boot. The fact that the government prefers to fob off the issue onto 3rd party private companies at the tax payer’s expense, whilst letting the root cause of unemployment go unattended is yet another sign of their complicity in what is going wrong with the nation’s economy at large.

But this is what they are about. ‘Solving unemployment’, as it were, would require spending more money than the government wants to spend, growing the size of the state and thus taking from the rich and giving to the poor. So you really have to commend the ingenuity of a party that manages to turn this state of affairs on it’s head and do the exact reverse…

The Work Programme, The Big Society, Free Schools… a long list of policies with no real substance behind them, but rather covers for doing what the Tories do best; the good old fashioned reverse Robin Hood.

One day we’ll wake up from the nightmare that is this Tory government… until then, we’ve got another two and a half years of these kinds of policies and this kind of government. Just gonna go drink some gin…



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