Cameron, Drugs, Maternity Pay & Hypocrisy

David Cameron is against better advice on drugs policy… What a time to have brought up ‘Breaking The Taboo’, a documentary on the ‘War on Drugs’, with the central premise that not being afraid to contemplate decriminalisation as a policy is key to a grown-up discussion on drugs policy. Here, the PM dodges even the possibility of possibly contemplating it by preventing a commission which could suggest decriminalisation…

Anyhoo, this isn’t the only example of the government putting politics ahead of policy. The Autumn Statement also delivered a blow to working parents (not to mention working people in general…) with cuts to maternity pay.

This as the royal family anxiously await another member to join the largest state funded family in the country… The PM was quick to say what great parents he thought Will and Kate would be. With the hundreds of millions of pounds which will go into the child’s upbringing, security and care, I doubt how badly any parent could fare. Meanwhile, even the best of parents will find raising a child in Cameron’s Britain a challenge far in excess of what it need be, with simply getting food on the table a challenge to many.

Ah well… good to see their will be no deficit in government hypocrisy expenditure this year.



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