Politics – Clegg’s Speech

So, Nick Clegg gave a speech in which he claims to have held back the Tories from slashing welfare and public service spending

Oh… really? This is the problem with an enabler though. They have to justify their actions as ‘helping’ rather than face the harshness of reality. And that is what the Lib Dems have been; enablers to a right-wing government which has already done so much harm, and with the Lib Dems in tow, will be allowed to continue doing so right up until the next general election.

The only question for me is who Clegg is trying to persuade? The population at large? His party? Himself…?

The Lib Dems have lost a lot over the last few years; support, respect, their souls… I think it’s safe to say they could do with losing one more thing in time for the next election… Their leader.


Useful Links:

The Scotsman – Clegg sounds like he is resigned never to be in officer again.

New Statesman – Who will vote for Clegg’s ‘centrist’ party?


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