Best of the Blog – 2012 A Roundup

Oh what a year…

The Telegraph showed their incompetence on economics.

Despite demonstrating time and time again that the budget deficit is a result of a fall in revenues not rise in spending, the government still cling to the deluded belief that slashing spending is the only way to cut the deficit – and damn the consequences.

Welfare is one of the areas most in the firing line, and the government have been quick to utilise the tabloid and right wing media to draw up division lines between those in receipt of welfare and those not – and within those groups.

And finally the UKI Party have displayed some Tea Party tendencies as the far-right drudges on.

Still, 2013 can’t be much worse right? ’13s everybody’s lucky number… right…?

Cheers and happy new year.


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Politics of the Left Wing and Liberal variety, plus gin!
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