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Stages of Austerity Support

A few years ago climate change was a hot topic for political discussion between the left and right. Now, the topic is the economy – austerity, growth etc… The two debates share many similarities, one of which struck me when … Continue reading

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A Roundup

Been busy writing this week, but here’s a roundup of what I’ve been reading: Paul Krugman’s been looking at austerity in Europe this week. Shock horror, the more a country pursues austerity, the worse it’s economic growth is… Five things … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax

A good article in the Guardian by Poly Toynbee about the bedroom tax. The more you find out about the bedroom tax, the more it comes across as an expensive, arbitrary assault on the poorest in society for no more … Continue reading

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Labour, The Left + Compromise

The biggest issue anyone on the left (and I mean the proper left, socialism and all that) has to deal with is the one of compromise. It’s one I struggled with for a long time. How far do you compromise … Continue reading

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With the Pope resigning, I thought it worth bringing up the tale of how the last Pope to resign the post got the job in the first place. (As told by wikipedia.) “The cardinals assembled at Perugia after the death … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Cool – Historical Perspectives On Economic Recovery

Anyone who says austerity isn’t damaging the economy can just go jump off a cliff… (Credit to Jonathan Portes whom this graph is stolen from.) Note the 30 month mark where the recovery stalls… guess who’d had their autumn statement … Continue reading

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Warning: May Stunt Growth

With all the ho-hah over the labelling of horse meat as beef, I thought I’d come up with some examples of proper labelling in the political sphere… Cheers

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