Cameron, The OBR and the Budget

So, David Cameron either doesn’t understand basic economics, or was intentionally trying to mislead people over what the OBR said. Given the guy has a PPE degree from one of the best universities in the world, I’m going to opt for the latter.

Meanwhile, even the CBI and British Chamber of Commerce want infrastructure spending… When the CBI and BCC are telling you it’s time to do something to boost growth, it’s time to boost growth…!

At the same time, Liam Fox is suggesting a five year public sector spending freeze to – and this is what gives the game away for people who pretend austerity is about bettering the country’s position – fund deficit reduction and tax cuts

Austerity is and always has been a method of redistributing money from poor to rich under the guise of ‘getting the nations’ finances under control’. Cameron’s failure to understand and convey basic economics and Fox’s tax cuts over public spending argument demonstrate this as radically as anything that’s happened so far.


Useful Links:

Simon Wren-Lewis takes a look at what Cameron said the OBR said.

Paul Krugman echos what I said about Cameron being stuck with Austerity.

Jonathan Portes takes issue with a specific point Cameron made.


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