Benefits Assessments Were Unfair And Other Items of Interest

Stating the obvious is something which should usually be avoided. Except in this instance.

The words ‘no’ and ‘shit’ spring to mind, I know, but still, let’s hope this adds to the mountain of evidence showing the disability assessments are not being fit for purpose.

Will it change anything thought? Of course not. As we’ve known for a while now, the reason for the assessments has had nothing to do with any positive policy outcomes: Improving the situations of disabled people, increasing the number of disabled people in work, cutting welfare costs to ‘scroungers’… Rather it has been one of a raft of policy measures set to cut the sums of money going to the poorest, most in need and most disenfranchised in our society.

But then, this is the Conservative Party, what were we expecting? At least there’s been some positive noise from Labour on unemployment. Whether this talk of full employment is just noise or an actual aim, it’s at least good to hear Labour addressing a key issue with vigour, and acknowledge that it is unemployment that causes the real damage to the country, not numbers on a balance sheet.

And yet another sign of how out of touch the Tories are. Whilst the majority of the population are concerned with the state of the economy, unemployment etc… The Tories are still in-fighting over Europe and gay marriage. People talk of politicians being out of touch, but these examples seemingly rub our faces in it.

Anyhoo, some semi-postive things. Heck, it’s got to be a good week if Alex Salmond is making sense.



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