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Post Election Happenings

Post election, I worry about what might happen. There are, broadly speaking, three likely outcomes: Hung Parliament Mediocre Tory victory Tory landslide In the event of 1, Corbyn (and his allies (Momentum etc)) will claim a victory for Labour. Not … Continue reading

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Apologies for the break in posting. I’d like to say I was occupied with something important or interesting, but the truth is I just got round to playing NBA2k13 and… well, the rest is time I’m never getting back… Anyhoo, … Continue reading

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This Modern World

Just learnt of the existence of this hilarious comic via Paul Krugman. Check him out. Coming this month from me: * A round up of my favourite blog posts posted by me! * More captions of Tory politicians! * More … Continue reading

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Blog – Lull

Bit of a lull in posting for now – working on some writings and such forth. Good article in the Guardian by Suzanne Moore about Michael Gove’s attempts to take education in the UK back a few decades… Cheers

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Best of the Blog – 2012 A Roundup

Oh what a year… The Telegraph showed their incompetence on economics. Despite demonstrating time and time again that the budget deficit is a result of a fall in revenues not rise in spending, the government still cling to the deluded … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

Blogging will return to normal in the New Year. Cheers

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Let’s Crack On – Links of Interest

Ok, lets crack on with this thing. Some links of interest below; I was told there’d be gin’s twitter account: @Iwastoldofgin (Apparently Iwastold’there’d’begin is too long for twitter… darn twitter.) e-mail me at: And some good blogs and other … Continue reading

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