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I Voted for Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party Twice – Last Thursday is why

The first thing I did as an adult, aged 18, was join the Labour Party. Well, strictly speaking, the first thing I did was buy every type of spirit my local express supermarket sold, mix them all with cranberry juice … Continue reading

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Post Election Happenings

Post election, I worry about what might happen. There are, broadly speaking, three likely outcomes: Hung Parliament Mediocre Tory victory Tory landslide In the event of 1, Corbyn (and his allies (Momentum etc)) will claim a victory for Labour. Not … Continue reading

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The Labour Party – Incompetency

So when Brexit happened, it should have been a fantastic moment for Labour. Not in the sense of ‘wooh! Brexit, we totally wanted that!’ but in the sense that it was a crushing defeat for the government and as the … Continue reading

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Referendum Fallout

So the referendum happened, Britain decided to do a very stupid thing and a lot of people started maneuvering for power and saying some very silly things. Here I’d like to take a look at some of the silliest of … Continue reading

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