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Wealth Distribution In America

Further to a post I made a while back, this is a great video about how people’s perceptions of wealth distribution, ideal for how wealth should be distributed and the reality of how wealth is distributed, can vary so much. … Continue reading

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Cameron, The OBR and the Budget

So, David Cameron either doesn’t understand basic economics, or was intentionally trying to mislead people over what the OBR said. Given the guy has a PPE degree from one of the best universities in the world, I’m going to opt … Continue reading

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Stages of Austerity Support

A few years ago climate change was a hot topic for political discussion between the left and right. Now, the topic is the economy – austerity, growth etc… The two debates share many similarities, one of which struck me when … Continue reading

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Money Printing

From Tax Research UK, it’s time to print money to fill the hole in the economy. This is hardly a new or controversial idea really, priming the pumps is basic Keynesianism, but I felt compelled to post this after a … Continue reading

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Welfare And The Market

A typical Torygraph piece yesterday claiming the 1% benefit cap as the ‘moral’ thing to do. Aside from the obvious factual misrepresentations in the article* there is a clear misunderstanding of morality and the purpose of welfare present in the … Continue reading

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Best of the Blog – 2012 A Roundup

Oh what a year… The Telegraph showed their incompetence on economics. Despite demonstrating time and time again that the budget deficit is a result of a fall in revenues not rise in spending, the government still cling to the deluded … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Cool – Bank of England Growth Predictions

Good graph courtesy of Left Foot Forward: Aside from showing just how useless the Bank of England are with these kind of projections, it’s worth pointing out that the Tories took power in 2010… just where growth begins to stall… … Continue reading

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