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The Next 9 Months

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, in which Britain crashed out of the EU, a PM announced his resignation, a coup was attempted then stalled against the leader of the opposition and the most odious man in the world … Continue reading

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Media Check – What Matthew Sinclair Doesn’t Tell You About Eurostat Figures

Whenever a left wing blogger doesn’t know what to write about, a sure fire way to find something to challenge that won’t take more than fifteen minutes of your time is to check out the Telegraph comments section. Today, Matthew … Continue reading

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Osborne Defends Bankers

Seriously? The economy in the tank, the Tories on the ropes after Eastleigh and the best thing George Osborne can do right now is goes out of his way to defend the most hated people in society… (after politicians of … Continue reading

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Policy – A Race To Cut Taxes Won’t Help The Economy

Amongst everything else in the Autumn statement, something which wasn’t much picked up on was the Chancellor’s move to further reduce our corporation tax rate. It’s not surprising; the left have enough bones to pick with the budget without picking … Continue reading

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Policy/Media Check – The Buget Deficit And The Economy Are Two Different Things

Just a small post, having heard a really frustrating discussion on ‘The World This Weekend’ on BBC Radio 4. Frustrating because a whole array of right-wing zombie myths rose up and reared their ugly head: The Tories inherited an economy … Continue reading

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Policy – The Work Programme Isn’t Supposed To Work

With the whole work programme argument going on, I just thought it’d be worth pointing out the obvious: The Work Programme was never supposed to work. It was supposed to be a PR exercise and a method of moving public … Continue reading

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Debate Points – Welfare

Preamble: The Government & the media have promulgated more than their fair share of myths over the years regarding welfare and benefits. The media, because they’re uncaring right-wing bastards who need sensationalist, gossip worthy news to keep them in print … Continue reading

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