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Media Check – What Matthew Sinclair Doesn’t Tell You About Eurostat Figures

Whenever a left wing blogger doesn’t know what to write about, a sure fire way to find something to challenge that won’t take more than fifteen minutes of your time is to check out the Telegraph comments section. Today, Matthew … Continue reading

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Policy – Tax Multinationals Like The Rest Of Us

If the budget deficit is really the issue this Coalition most wants to tackle, as they keep insisting, perhaps tackling the criminally low levels of tax major corporations pay would be a good place to start. Meanwhile, as Seamus Milne … Continue reading

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Policy – Enforce The Laws We Have

When the phone hacking scandal was at its zenith, there was a question of whether more regulation was required of the media. As someone who puts a lot of blame at the media’s door for the ills of our political … Continue reading

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