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The Next 9 Months

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, in which Britain crashed out of the EU, a PM announced his resignation, a coup was attempted then stalled against the leader of the opposition and the most odious man in the world … Continue reading

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Benefits Assessments Were Unfair And Other Items of Interest

Stating the obvious is something which should usually be avoided. Except in this instance. The words ‘no’ and ‘shit’ spring to mind, I know, but still, let’s hope this adds to the mountain of evidence showing the disability assessments are … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax

A good article in the Guardian by Poly Toynbee about the bedroom tax. The more you find out about the bedroom tax, the more it comes across as an expensive, arbitrary assault on the poorest in society for no more … Continue reading

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Politics – The ‘Rise’ of UKIP?

A lot is being said lately about the rising prominence of UKIP in British Politics, following their performance in the latest round of by-elections, and the Rotherham council decision to remove children from UKIP members. Even the Guardian had a … Continue reading

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Policy – The Work Programme Isn’t Supposed To Work

With the whole work programme argument going on, I just thought it’d be worth pointing out the obvious: The Work Programme was never supposed to work. It was supposed to be a PR exercise and a method of moving public … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Cool – Tory Party’s ‘Growth’ Policy

The Tories took power in the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2010, their spending review was later that year. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/gdp-growth I’m not sure how much more obvious it can be, but there we go. The Tories ‘may’ have a … Continue reading

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Politics – Facts

Cameron’s Corkers. What a great idea, somewhere to sum up the lies and U-Turns of an incompetent leader. My only issue with fact-checking in this manner, is that we may end up with the situation in American where the right … Continue reading

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