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Recession – Depression

So the Uk avoided a triple-dip recession. Woot. But aside from this being treated as a political victory for George Osbourne in some elements of the press (it shows how bad things are when 0.3% growth is a victory) the … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Cool – Unemployment Under 8 PMs

A nice graph to start the day: Courtesy of Touchstone. So remember folks; Thatcher saved Britain. Cheers

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Apologies for the break in posting. I’d like to say I was occupied with something important or interesting, but the truth is I just got round to playing NBA2k13 and… well, the rest is time I’m never getting back… Anyhoo, … Continue reading

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George Osborne’s Comments on Welfare

George Osborne’s disgusting, calculating comments on the Philpott case has been picked up all to lovingly by the likes of the Daily Mail and Telegraph as they attempt to make political capital out of a horrific crime committed in one-off … Continue reading

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Welfare Reforms are Fair… and other nonsense…

I can be critical of the church, religion etc, but give them their due, the four churches who came out against the government’s welfare cuts really did a national service in the process, and did the exact sort of things … Continue reading

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