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Policy – Tax Multinationals Like The Rest Of Us

If the budget deficit is really the issue this Coalition most wants to tackle, as they keep insisting, perhaps tackling the criminally low levels of tax major corporations pay would be a good place to start. Meanwhile, as Seamus Milne … Continue reading

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Policy – Votes for U18s and Increasing Political Participation

Scotland’s referendum on whether to stay in the United Kingdom or split and leave the rest of us at the mercy of ceaseless Tory governments will allow 16 year olds the vote, sparking the debate about whether 16 year olds … Continue reading

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Friday’s Post

A4e owner on Channel 4 It’s irresponsible to say it’s irresponbile to saddle our children with debt. At least that’s what I think. Alex Andreou in the New Statesmen simply challenges the old addage. Goodbye to the last of the … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Cool – Uk Growth Below Even Worst Predictions “The pink range indicates the expected recovery path. As we noted in our original column, the US exceeds expectations here. The US growth path manages to emerge from and stay above the predicted range by years 3-4-5 (i.e. 2010–12). … Continue reading

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Misc – Why Rich People Aren’t Necessarily Intelligent People

Donald Trump stands as a testament to why intelligence and wealth have no bearing on each other in the slightest. Cheers

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Meanwhile In America – We Also Have Fewer Horses And Bayonets…

The highlight of the third presidential debate between Mr Romney and President Obama was undoubtedly this brilliant response by the President to Romney’s ludicrous point about the US having fewer ships in the navy now than any point since 1917. … Continue reading

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Policy – Enforce The Laws We Have

When the phone hacking scandal was at its zenith, there was a question of whether more regulation was required of the media. As someone who puts a lot of blame at the media’s door for the ills of our political … Continue reading

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